What is glamping?


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Nowadays, people are looking for more sophisticated ways of spending time and relaxing. Therefore, potential providers of accommodation and recreation services must try harder to satisfy potential customers. Ordinary accommodation or hotel rooms are no longer sufficient. People want to experiment and try new forms of recreation. Year-round summer houses , agritourism , city breaks in exclusive hotel rooms, camping sites, camping. This is no longer enough. Nowadays, many people are looking for a luxury option, but they are also drawn to communion with nature. How to combine it? Glamping offers this solution .

What is glamping?

It is a luxurious way of spending time in the bosom of nature, but in comfortable conditions. A spherical tent , like a hotel apartment, has the necessary infrastructure. It has a comfortable bed, kitchenette, bathroom and air conditioning. Everything to a very high standard. Glamp is usually furnished in a characteristic style – rustic, country, loft or boho . Tourists have many options to choose from.

Glamping in Poland

Even though glamping in Poland is just developing, it already has a huge number of supporters. Couples usually choose this form of relaxation. It’s the perfect solution for a romantic weekend for two . You can spend a nice time in peace and quiet, without the hustle and bustle of the big city. But families will certainly find their place there as well. An additional advantage of staying overnight in glamps will certainly be the surroundings – forests, fields, meadows, lakes . Not to mention amenities such as a sauna, jacuzzi, and an atmospheric fireplace . The constant rush encourages people to escape from cities to the bosom of nature, near rivers, lakes and forests.

Natura 2000

Poland is rich in areas covered by the Natura 2000 program. These are the places most frequently visited by tourists seeking peace and quiet. Take, for example, Różan, a small town in Masovia. Just an hour’s drive from Warsaw… This region can be a fantastic base to get close to nature. It has a lot to offer. The beautiful Narew River stretches among picturesque villages . The area abounds in countless bathing areas ( water sports, swimming, kayaking ), places ideal for fishing , as well as routes for hiking and cycling enthusiasts . The area is very forested, so you can enjoy its gifts without any limits. It is an ideal place for mushroom pickers and lovers of the natural environment of wild animals. Can you ask for anything more?

Beautiful surroundings

A secluded, picturesque area , nature in all its glory, peace and quiet, the opportunity to commune with nature. If we add a luxurious accommodation in the form of a well-equipped glamp with a sauna and jacuzzi, we have a perfect plan for relaxation. In addition to more sophisticated forms of accommodation in the form of a spherical tent, Różan and its surroundings also offer traditional wooden summer houses . You can choose between atmospheric accommodation for two and family accommodation in a wooden house with a jacuzzi and sauna . Idyllic cottages near the forest have their own atmosphere that charms visitors. Their huge advantage is certainly their location. These are usually secluded places near the forest, surrounded by backwaters, lakes or the Narew River, where complete privacy is included in the package. Regardless of whether we are looking for a secluded house near the forest for two, on the Narew River, or we want to rent a house near Warsaw for the whole family, with a whole range of attractions, Różan and its surroundings will certainly make it possible.

Here you will feel the magic of happiness

Here you will feel the magic of happiness


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